Cutting Thickness 16-40mm

POWERCON ELECTRIC has a Product Offering in  

AIR Plasma Cutter
Model no Fine Cut / Rough Cut in mm In-built Compressor Mains Supply Control Type
CUT 60 I 16 / 25mm NO Three Phase IGBT Inverter based
CUT 100 I 25 / 35mm NO Three Phase IGBT Inverter based
CUT 120 I 30 / 40mm NO Three Phase IGBT Inverter based
CUT 160 I 40 / 60mm NO Three Phase IGBT Inverter based

CUT 100 Series

Air Plasma Cutter – IGBT - Inverter based
POWERCON ELECTRIC MODELS :   CUT 60 I / CUT 100 I / CUT 120 I &  CUT 160 I  without Air Compressor                                         
Plate Cutting Range - 
     16 - 40mm Fine cut  acheived by  CUT  Series (Three Phase 415Volt , AC)
POWERCON ELECTRIC offers Plasma cutting as a process where an electric arc is transferred on to the work piece by using compressed air. The high concentration of arc ensures precise and narrow cuts without causing deformation to even a thin section. i series Plasma Cutters are suitable for cutting variety of sheet metals of low and high alloy steels and especially of non-ferrous alloys
Special features :

  • Protection against under voltage, over voltage and over current.
  • Exact current preset makes it easier to operate.
  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology - High working frequency, High efficiency and Energy saving.
  • High frequency and high pressure arc striking, 100% arc striking.
  • Advanced air flow control system saves 30% air for greater compressor life.