Hexa Phase Thyristor based - Forced Air Cooled


Arc Welding Rectifier  - Hexa Phase Thyristor based - Forced Air Cooled
SMARTWELD 400 / 600 / 750
POWERCON ELECTRIC offers SMARTWELD series of MMA Welding Rectifiers designed with Six Phase Thyristorised system for superior welding quality combined with economy and reliability. SMARTWELD series sets are suitable for welding in any industry, where quality and reliability is of primary consideration.The Remote Control facility provided, helps the welder to adjust welding current from the work place even during welding.
 Welding Current Range -  400 ,  600 , 750  Amps
Because of high capacity, the SMARTWELD  600 is suitable also for Gouging application .
Special Features :

  • Built-in overload thermal cut out for protection and Warn lamp on front panel.
  • Immunity to supply voltage fluctuation.
  • Single range step-less current control.
  • Remote control facility to adjust welding current even during welding.
  • HOT START facility for easy arc striking.
  • High OCV and true Constant current characteristic ensures stable arc.
  • Built-in Anti sticking property effectively prevents electrode freezing.