INVERTER Series - Three Phase

POWER Z Series

Arc Welding Rectifier  - IGBT INVERTER based - Forced Air Cooled
MODEL Variants :  POWER Z 250 I / 400 D /  400 I / 500 I  / 600 I

POWER Z series DC Arc Welding machine with IGBT Inverter technology are suitable for Perfect Welding with a wide range of electrodes, Anywhere and in any Industry. Use of quality materials ensures a long trouble free service life. Sturdy, Compact and light weight, these sets are handy and really portable.
Welding Current Range -  250 , 300 , 400 , 500 , 600  Amps
 Special Features : 

  • Use of MODULAR IGBT and MODULAR DIODE ensures high reliability.
  • Low Voltage Safety device (VRD) provided for Safety & Economy optional extra.
  • Due to High operating Frequency (20 KHZ) the sets are light and power consumption is low
  • Protection against Over voltage, over current and over temperature ensures long uninterrupted service
  • Constant current output ensures good dynamic characteristics required for quality welding
  • Adjustable Arc force and increases the ignition property for different electrodes and for all position welding
  • Auto voltage compensation allows the use of long welding cable
  • Suitable for various type of electrodes - low hydrogen, stainless steel, mild steel etc.
  • Remote control facility for POWER Z 400D, POWER Z 400I & POWER Z 600I sets - optional extra.