Transformer / Rectifier Sets

Use of a (VRD), for Transformers LVST series and LVSR for Rectifier sets VOLTAGE REDUCTION DEVICE is recommended for the safety of the operator, specially while working in humid atmosphere. The Open Circuit Voltage of a quality welding set is generally 75 to 100 Volts. The operator may get electric shock while changing electrodes or accidentally touches the holder and earthing terminal with bare hands while not welding, since the peak value of the voltage will be more than 100V. This may cause injury to the operator or may even be fatal if the working area is damp, wet or is at a height.
A VRD fitted to the welding machine brings down the OCV to a safe value of around 15V or less across the out terminals when welding is not done. It thus ensures operator safety.

This device acts also as an Energy Saver
When welding is not in progress, this device cuts off power to  the main transformer after a few seconds (adjustable between 5 to 10 seconds) required for easy re-striking of the arc. Only the control circuit and the cooling fan (if any) remains energised. Thus lot of Energy is saved by reducing of the set to a nominal value required for the control circuit or the cooling fan to operate. no load loss

Features :

LVST 400/600 LVSR 300/600